Are you missing out on the £249bn slice of pie?

I recently read this article “Shops are ‘dumb’ for ignoring disabled customers”

The article talked of how shops are sometimes inaccessible due to narrow aisles and obstructions. This got me thinking, “Why is it acceptable to discriminate against a person who needs an electric wheelchair or say somebody with a stick or crutches, where the use of a narrow aisle creates an inaccessible space? Firstly, it’s not okay, however I then thought how many times have I been shopping, seen an obstruction and not done anything about it? Whilst the Equalities Act 2010 should ensure accessibility for all what happens when this is not the case. So I made a decision. From now on whenever I see an obstruction / narrow aisle I will try my best to report it.

Now in my head I’m thinking what difference can I make, but we all have to start somewhere, right. I mean imagine if more people started to complain about how inaccessible “that” shop aisle is? Appearances are everything to a company and what company would want to be missing out on the £249bn slice of pie?

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